Purple Tilda

The Card

My treasure box

It's weekend again and I have plentiful of Tildas that I coloured already...resting at home and doing handy craft is relaxing for me...And looking though my treasure box is purely a joy..Here's one new purple card I made yesterday...I forgot each name of the Tilda...but anyway...

8 komentar:

  1. Beautiful Tilda Card!!!
    Holy cow, you already colored these many images??? I look forward for your creations Dewi!

  2. Oh wow...I LOVE your treasure box!! How fun!! Your latest card is delightful! I love the colors...your coloring is really pretty...and the flowers are the perfect compliment with the other colors! Pat Frank

  3. Hi Dewi! I can't believe you've colored so many Tilda's for your treasure box! Both your treasure box and your card are fabulous!

  4. Oh my! Look at all those colored and trimmed Tildas! You have done a great job on all that I can see! Your purple card is so cute. Tilda is just so much fun!
    Kathy Gerace

  5. Oh my heavens! What a beautiful collection of colored images. You do an amazing job coloring.
    Your completed cards is so pretty! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  6. WOW Dewi.... love your treasure box, can't believe you color and cut out everyone of them

  7. Wow what a great tresure box! All such beautifully colored. Can't wait to see what you will do with them. Purple Tilda is adorable. I love the DP and the butterflies.

  8. Hey, Dewi...thanks for the offer of help to this Grandma! I love your country - been here about 5 times! Jakarta is very hot though...I love the sea and the breezes of Bali, too! We really enjoyed Badung and sights around there. We walked a lot in that city! After your comment on my blog, I stopped by and I absolutely love your work with Magnolia. My first reaction was "exquisite"! Keep it up! I'm a new follower now! Thanks! Debi